1841 Map Of Jerusalem by John W. Parker

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Plan Of The Town And Environs Of Jerusalem

Authors: Edward Aldrich; G Williams; Joseph Wilson Lowry; John Frederick Anthony Symonds

Publisher: London : John W. Parker, 1849.

Examples of this map are rare and only three copies are recorded in libraries around the world. Features inserts of El-Kahal - Castle Of David and a Detailed Plan Of The Temple Area.

The map was produced by a group of British army surveyors who accompanied troops sent to Syria in the summer of 1840 as part of a pan European task-force aiming to end Egyptian rule of the regions and reinstate the Ottoman regime.

The original maps and charts produced are held at the National Archives in London and it has been argued that they are crucial to the development of modern cartography of the region.

An excellent summary of the events leading up to the production of this map can be found at http://icaci.org/files/documents/ICC_proceedings/ICC2005/htm/pdf/oral/TEMA16/Session%205/HAIM%20GOREN.pdf

This map represents the last of three editions published between 1841 and 1849.

The first two editions were published in 1841 and 1846 by James Wyld and the last in 1849 by John W. Parker.

A historically important map for any collector/historian interested in Middle East and Jerusalem in particular.

Map Condition

Considered to be in a very good condition. Printed on well preserved linen the map has been folded and has foxing along the fold lines. There is some pulling of the linen along the margins and one loose thread within the map area. General toning, foxing and light surface dirt. Linen sheet measures 75cm x74cm. Please refer to the images for further details and do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.