1694 Map of the world by Willem Goeree

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Den Aardkloot van water ontbloot, na twee zijden aante sien

Map Author: Thomas Burnet

Map Engraver: Willem Goeree

Amsterdam 1694

In 1694 Dutch engraver Willem Goeree produced one of the first images of the globe without water. 

This map is based on the controversial theories of Thomas Burnet whose popular treatise, Telluris Theoria Sacra (“The Sacred Theory of the Earth”), focused on the breaking up of "the fountains of the great deep" as the cause of the flood, as described in Genesis 7:11.

This map presents the hemispheres, one above the other, and depicts the earth bared of its waters showing the ocean floor in relief. 

California is an island, there is a single Great Lake, and Australia is partially formed. No Northwest passage is shown, an unusual concession for an Englishman of this era. 

Condition Report

In an excellent condition. Printed on hand laid watermarked paper. Toning mainly to margins. Print stain upper right margin and folio holes right margin. Jagged right margin. Margins suitable for framing. Overall a fantastic map.