1588 Map Of Asia By Henrich Petri

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Asia wie es Jetziger Zeit nach den Furnemesten Herrschafften Abgetheilet und Beschriben ist

Published by Henrich Petri in 1588 in Basle

Considered to be the second Munster map of Asia this map followed the model established by   Ortelius’s 1567 Asiae Nova Descriptio of showing the area from Mediterranean to Japan and from the Arctic to Java.

Relief is rendered in profile and numerous towns and cities are noted. 

Sumatra is shown as Taprobana. 

Japan appears in a kite-form and is based upon Jesuit sources. 

The great rivers of Southeast Asia, the Mekong, Chao Phraya, Irrawaddy, and Brahmaputra, are drawn as originating from a large lake in the mountains of what is today northern Thailand. 

The islands of east Indies, collectively identified as the 'Moluccos,' are vaguely rendered but still recognisable. 

This 1588 map was engraved in woodcut and published in Basel by Sebastian Petri. After 1588, this map was only re-published in posthumous German editions of Sebastian Munster's Cosmographia issued in 1592, 1598, 1614, and 1628, and is thus considered to be rare.

Condition Report

In a very good condition. Printed on hand laid paper. Title with engraving on verso with paper guard. Later hand colouring. Folded as issued. Strong dark impression; Lightly toned with spot and smudges to blank margins. Fox mark near Caspian Sea but otherwise in a very good condition. Sheet measures 42 x 36cm.